HappeninGlasgow started out a couple of years ago, posting funny and engaging content about Glasgow, with the aim of eventually doing sponsored posts from local businesses, but they realised they would need a substantial local following in order for this to work.

Thats where we came in, we started growing their following back in late 2021 and when we started they had under 1000 followers. This was a great account to work on for us as we learned a lot from it in terms of targeting followers from a UK city.

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Our Strategy

As always, we started by doing our research – and we have to admit this was made easier by the fact that we are Glaswegians ourselves, so we had some local knowledge already, but that could only take us so far.

Once our initial research was complete, we had a great list of active, fun and very relevant instagram accounts to target for followers.

And the followers started coming thick and fast, helped greatly by the content that HappeninGlasgow were posting on a regular basis (TIP: Posting regular, engaging content is the best way to grow your instagram. Be sure to check out our Instagram Strategy Guide).

It didn’t take us long to smash the targets we had set for ourselves and our client was delighted with the work.

Next Steps

We continue to work with HappeninGlasgow and they are about to start their sponsored posts, which we are very excited about.

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“We heard about Grow Your Socials through a friend who was using them to grow their Garden Landscaping Business, so we got in touch with them and have never looked back since, we honestly don’t know of a better way to get real followers who are in our relevant to us…in fact we doubt there is one! Would highly recommend GYS!”

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