Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve put together the below list of questions and answers, but if there is something you are still not sure about please just drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

No, we make sure all instagram accounts are secured with 2 factor identification.

We are the only instagram follower service that uses a hand on approach, we don’t use any bots or AI, we don’t send out any spam emails or DMs and we don’t create any fake accounts to promote yours. Its all done by hand, here in the UK

No, not at all. Your followers will all stay right where they are even if you cancel.

Usually after a day! Depending on if your account is new or has been dormant for a while then we might need to take things slowly at first but even then you will start to see an increase after a couple of days.

100% yes! That’s what we pride ourselves on, real followers who have an active interest in your business and that’s what makes us unique compared to our competitors .

We have over 50 happy clients, mostly in the UK. Including Kitchen & Bathrooms companies, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Influencers, Beauty & Aesthetics, IT, Marketing, Finance and many more. Check out our testimonials for peace of mind.

It really couldn’t be easier, just fill in the simple form below and we will get the ball rolling.