Why Choose Us?

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At Grow Your Socials we are very passionate about the quality of service we offer – we truly believe we are one of the only companies online that can get you 100% genuine, real, relevant and targeted instagram followers, and at the same time not break any of instagrams community guidelines.

We can target users who are in your companie’s service area and who are interested in the service’s you provide. Our competitors simply cannot do that.

We use instagram they way it was designed to be used – we engage with your target audience!

So what are your other options for getting followers?

1. If you are a business that uses instagram, we can take a guess that you have received a DM offering you a deal along the lines of “10,000 ‘real’ followers for £50”.

There are quite a few reasons why this is a very bad idea!

• The followers are 100% fake, they are not real people – the profiles might be dressed up to look real, but dig a bit deeper and it becomes obvious they are fake and 9 times out of 10 they are not even in the same continent as you!

• These accounts cannot engage with your content and can never buy a product or a service from you – because they do not exist! So you may end up with a huge following but your engagement doesn’t increase so it becomes a red flag when people see you have such a large number of followers but very low engagement.

• Over time instagram discovers these accounts and removes them, so your 10,000 followers very quickly diminishes.

• It is also very easy to spot they are fake, as the usernames usually follow the same naming convention. Look out for a string of random numbers after the name or names with weird placements of periods and underscores. Once you know what to look for it becomes very obvious and if you can spot it then so could your real followers/potential customers and that could be embarrassing because who wants to get caught buying followers?


• It is against instagrams community guidelines to buy followers in this way (remember with us you are not buying followers, you are paying for our time to engage with your target audience which in turn gains you followers). We have known a couple of big instagram accounts who got caught out buying followers and instagram banned them, all the years of hard work building your companies instagram account and it gets wiped out in a single day.

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2. Search on google for “Instagram Followers” and you will get results from paid adverts/organic from companies offering to get you real followers.

• The problem with this is, most of these companies do not actually get you real followers – we know this because we have tried using these companies ourselves! We were actually pretty shocked when we realised 90% of the followers were fake/bots…and this was one of the reasons why we started Grow Your Socials.

• Try and find genuine reviews for these companies, there are none, the reviews they do have are very obviously fake. If you go onto their social media channels you will see posts from them with multiple comments, but the comments are all hidden…I wonder why?

• When these companies do get you real followers, the way they do it just doesn’t sit right with us. You’ve probably received multiple DMs on instagram from users asking you to follow their ‘main account’. The user who has just DM’d you, is not a real person, that profile has been set up by these companies for the main purpose of spamming thousands of accounts on instagram asking for you to follow their ‘main account’. There is no logic to this and it certainly doesn’t target your ideal audience.

• The other way they do it is to send out bulk emails to millions of random email addresses asking you to follow their clients instagram account – again, where is the logic and targeting? There is none!

We really do believe the service we offer is unique, so get in touch today and lets start growing your instagram account with real, targeted followers!